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Established as a lubricant provider company including lubricants, diesel engine oil, grease, Motor engine oil, Gearbox oil, Hydraulic oil, Transmission fluid, and more, we are on board with supreme quality products. Spread across six continents, Euro Huile is the outstanding provider of all lubricants and associated products in the auto industry by minding for the ecosystem.
Our vision is to become the world’s best lubricant provider across the globe. We will be expanding our serving areas to more regions within a decade. We aim to continuously meet the demands of the auto industry with excellent products.
Unmatched quality in service and production, Eurohuile occupies a major role in the industry with extensive knowledge and quality engine oils, and more made using the latest machinery.

Our exceptionally competent team is here to maintain everything at a reasonable level.

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A reliable team of experts offering the best Lubricants
Every piece of equipment in the auto industry should keep a high level of endurance. To make it last longer, lubricants and associated products possess a valuable role. Established in 2007, Eurohuile is bound to cover the auto industry with prominent quality lubricants and oils.
Delivering high-quality products can make a vital change in this field. At our company, we take the words of our customers in the automobile industry to build our team stronger and to generate premium quality oils and lubricants. With a truly committed team, it is manageable for us to extend you the highest-rated products.

Product Testing

On a chargeable background, Euro Huile offers the perfect testing services. This test covers complete specification testing of various petroleum products. Further details of your inquiry regarding our services are on a case-to-case basis.

Certified Reference Materials

CRMs are produced per ISO 17034:2016 protocol and are traceable to the SI system through NIST Standards. These are available for dispatch in minimum time with optimum pack sizes. All data is generated exclusively by an ISO 17025-accredited lab.




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Un-compromised quality in service
Tailored to our customer’s demands in the auto industry, we are trusted to work hard to elicit the best outcome: highly authentic and reliable lubricants, engine oil, diesel engine oil, gearbox oil, etc. Our team is professionally entitled to fulfil every one of our customers’ wants.
Your trusted lubricant provider partner All The Time

High Performance

Our team broadens the premium-level lubricants to fulfil the industry. They show a high grade in performance, and it lasts long.

Quality Outcomes

Our team broadens the premium-level lubricants to fulfill the industry. They show a high grade in performance and it lasts long.

Industry Knowledge

With decades of experience in auto lubricants, Euro Huile gained expert knowledge about lubricants and their production. It assists us in yielding quality lubricants.

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