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We understand the importance of innovation and professionalism.
Launched in 2007, Euro Huile is extending promising quality engine oil, gearbox oil, lubricants, and more to the auto industry for local and international markets with the utmost care and perfection.
As a dominant provider of industrial oils in the market, we concentrate on serving the industry with the best.
As a reputed brand with uncompromising quality products for the auto industry, warehouse, and more areas, Eurohuile carries a strong foundation with trust and quality.
We are into innovative ways to produce these oils by saving the ecosystem and our surroundings with the assistance of the latest technologies and machinery.
We ensure vowing quality products by keeping all international standards and we have a market chain in both Local and International markets across the continents.

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Fueling the world with a unique set of quality products and services..
Our Company
Established as a lubricant provider company including lubricants, diesel engine oil, grease, Motor engine oil, Gearbox oil, Hydraulic oil, Transmission fluid, and more, we are on board with supreme quality products. Spread across six continents, Euro Huile is the outstanding provider of all lubricants and associated products in the auto industry by minding for the ecosystem.
We aim to extend the best output to every buyer at an economical price range accessible to everyone.
Our mission is to be the top-ranked lubricant serving brand across the globe and extend the top-quality lubricants using the latest technology and machines.
Our vision is to become the world’s best lubricant provider globally. We will be expanding our serving areas to more regions within a decade. We aim to continuously meet the demands of the auto industry with excellent products.
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We have a network of blending plants, storage locations and marketing offices to reach over 350 grades of Lubricants spanning over 1000 SKUs. Get to know more about our products by downloading our product catalogue.